Orillas. Rivista d’Ispanistica
Dipartimento di Studi Linguistici e Letterari – Sezione di spagnolo
Università degli Studi di Padova
Piazzetta G. Folena, 1
– 35137 Padova

To submit papers:

Editorial rules for submitting papers:

  • Attached is a template to be used as a framework for the drafting of manuscripts.
  • Papers are to be transmitted as attachment files. Word format, Garamond character (12 for the text), single spacing.
  • Languages: Italian / Spanish.
  • Short quotations: in the text within double quotation marks (“…”).
  • Long quotations: in a free-standing block of text without quotation marks, 10 point, single spacing.
  • Notes: footnotes, indicated in-text by consecutive superscript numbers before the punctuation.
  • References in the text: A) for literary works: (Quijote I, 40: 465-466); B) for critical and linguistic sources: (Segre, 1974: 30-32).
  • Final references:
    A) Literary works: (Quijote) Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quijote de la Mancha, 2 voll., edición de Francisco Rico, Barcelona: Instituto Cervantes-Critica, 1998.
    B) Critical and linguistic sources:
    Books: title in italics. Eg.: Segre, Cesare (1974): Le strutture e il tempo. Narrazione, poesia, modelli, Torino: Einaudi.
    Articles in journals: the article title in double quotation marks in roman; the journal title in italics. Eg.: Lida de Malkiel, María Rosa (1973): “Lope de Vega y los judíos”, Bulletin Hispanique, LXXV, pp. x-y.
    Miscellaneous articles: Cacho, María Teresa (2007): “Traducciones manuscritas: España / Italia / España”, in Profeti, Maria Grazia (ed.): Il viaggio della traduzione. Atti del convegno Firenze, 13-16 giugno 2006, Firenze: Firenze University Press, pp. 165-176.
  • In the same file, before the beginning of the text, an abstract in English and a brief summary in the language of the essay (max. 800 characters) are required.
  • Articles undergo a double-blind peer-review.

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