Orillas 8 (2019)

Submission deadline: 14 april 2019.

The topic of the monographic section (Rumbos) will be: Breaking Bodies. The Imaginary of Disease in Hispanic American Narrative (1983-2018) (Laura Scarabelli coord.). In this issue we intend to explore the multiple (trans)figurations of the body in disease conceived as a space for processing the trauma experience –whether direct or indirect- related to State violence in the Cono Sur settings.

 Orillas 5 (2016)

Submission deadline: 15 february 2016.

The topic of the monographic section (Rumbos) will be: Living forms: “animality” and culture. In the next issue we will reflect upon the cultural, literary and figurative representation of the animal, along with its manifestations, whose irreducible nature tends towards the problematization,  exasperation and de-naturalization of the limits of what we conceive as human.


Orillas 4 (2015)

Submission deadline: 16 february 2015.

The topic of the monographic section (Rumbos) will be: The deviant body. We will focus on the representation of the corporal anomaly (illness, deformity, dismemberment…) in literature and artistic processing in general.




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