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Published annually

Orillas is a periodic journal edited by the University of Padua whose aim is to publish original scientific papers written by scholars in spanish literature, hispanoamerican literature, literary criticism, spanish linguistics, spanish philology, history of spanish language, history of translation and linguistic historiography. The journal includes the following sections: Rumbos, a monographic subdivision dedicated to linguistic and literary studies; Astilleros, that focuses on linguistic subjects; Anclas, designated for philology, history of language, history of translation, linguistic historiography and classical spanish and hispanoamerican literature; Arribos, dedicated to modern and contermporary literature; Fuera de ruta, in which we receive papers dealing with spanish and hispanoamerican history, culture and art; Diario de a bordo, including reviews and bibliographic informations. Orillas also includes a section dedicated to original translations and graduation thesis considered by their supervisors as especially worthy for the high quality or innovation of their research matters. The editorial rules for submitting papers are available in Contact. In Highlights, Orillas concentrates and spreads news about the cientific, academic and cultural initiatives organized by hispanism’s international community.

The Orillas cover is an  adaptation conceived by Giacomo Moro of an artwork by painter Francesco Casorati (1934-2013), whose drawings are all extremely beautiful and suitable for Orillas. We chose the boat due to its symbolic suggestiveness: it is made of reused paper where thick lines of written words are clearly visible: that is therefore the boat of writing, written texts, texts. It sails waves drawn in blue pencil, symbolizing the randomness and vastity of literary communication. We placed on the boat Don Quixote and Sancho (literary and metaliterary characters par excellence), significantly looking towards opposite directions, two invisible banks (“the essential is invisible to the eyes”). Needless to say that the image is inspired by “Aventura del barco encantado” (Quixote, II, 29), where Don Quixote, looking at the bank of the Ebro river he has just left, believes he has already reached the equator, while Sancho, pointing the hack and the donkey which await them, shows that it is not so.



Carmen Castillo Peña, Gabriele Bizzarri

Scientific Committee

Donatella Pini (Università di Padova), Chiara Albertin (Università di Padova), Begoña Arbulu Barturen (Università di Padova), Manuel Aznar (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona), Maria Vittoria Calvi (Università di Milano), Cesáreo Calvo Rigual (Universidad de Valencia), Rafael Cano Aguilar (Universidad de Sevilla), Giovanni Cara (Università di Padova), Rocío Caravedo (Università di Padova), José Domingo Dueñas Lorente (Universidad de Zaragoza), Alessandro Martinengo (Università di Pisa), Bienvenido Morros (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona), Antonio Narbona Jiménez (Universidad de Sevilla), Valentina Nider (Università di Trento), Antonina Paba (Università di Cagliari), José Pérez Navarro (Università di Padova), Wulf Oesterreicher (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München), Anna Polo (Università di Padova), Pedro Sánchez-Prieto (Universidad de Alcalá de Henares), Felix San Vicente (Università di Bologna), Pietro Taravacci (Università di Trento), Fernando Valls (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona), Federica Zoppi (Università di Padova).


Editorial Staff

Long Marco Bao (Università di Padova), Francisco de Borja Gómez de la Iglesia (Università “Ca’ Foscari” di Venezia), Erica Cecchinato (Università di Padova), Carlos Dámaso Martínez (Universidad de Buenos Aires), Florencio Del Barrio de la Rosa (Università “Ca’ Foscari” di Venezia), Matteo De Beni (Università di Verona), Ignacio Duque García (Università di Padova), Francesco Fava (Università IULM di Milano), Isabel García Parejo (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), María Cecilia Graña (Università di Verona), Emanuela Jossa (Università della Calabria), Milena Locatelli (The Catholic University of America, Roma), Esperanza López Parada (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Maurizio Masala (Università di Cagliari), Andrea Masotti (Università di Verona), Giulia Nalesso (Università di Padova), Andrea Ostrov (Universidad de Buenos Aires), Andrea Pezzè (Università di Napoli l’Orientale), Sara Polverini (Università di Siena), Maura Rossi (Università di Padova), Raffaella Tonin (Università di Bologna), Edoardo Ventura (Università di Padova).



José Pérez Navarro, Gabriele Bizzarri, Luigi Tessarolo


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Rivista d'ispanistica